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UCPros 101Welcome to UCPros! We’re honored to have you as part of our UC&C community!

We believe that real in-depth knowledge in our profession comes through experience, passion and curiosity. We are here to share ours.

Our mission is to help you become a better UC engineer by uncovering the subtleties of Unified Communication. We aim to help you read between the lines of the guidebooks by providing clear and structured knowledge about the most relevant UC technologies.

We’ve created this page, with some of our best resources to help you navigate in your journey towards UC&C mastery.


For your convenience we have collected the most useful and relevant knowledge by the following categories. Enjoy.

Cisco Certification
CUBE & Voice Gateways
Prime Collaboration
Prime Collaboration

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Here you will find the most relevant UC&C knowledge that will help you with your daily work.

I suggest you start with reviewing the UC Tools page. Bookmark it for easy access.

CUCM 11.5 features review
IM&P 11.5
IM&P 11.5 features review
Unity Connection
Unity Connection 11.5 features review
UCCX 11.5
UCCX 11+11.5 features review

CUBE & Voice Gateways

The demand for CUBE implementations is growing by the day, here are some good resources to start with.

I’ve created the CUBE Config Utility to help you achieve clean, best practice driven CUBE configuration. Make use of it, it will provide you with some good guidelines to follow.

Cisco Cube config
How to configure Cisco CUBE with ITSP, and get to poker night on time.
CUBE Configuration
CUBE Configuration Step-By-Step. Part 1
CUBE configuration
CUBE Configuration Step-By-Step. Part 2
Cisco SIP Gateway configuration
Cisco SIP Gateway Configuration: The Ultimate Guide

Prime Collaboration

Prime Collaboration Assurance deployment
5 Steps to ace Prime Collaboration Assurance deployment
On Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Packet Capture & enabling Root access

Certifications Resources


CiscoThe Cisco Learning network is a great place to study and get insights towards your Collaboration certifications. It offers great free content which is organized by subjects and structured in a comfortable step-by-step method.
Cisco Learning Network also has premium access which offers premium training videos and hands-on labs and CCIE assessments (7-days free trial apply for some of them).
Cisco Learning network is a very powerful source of knowledge, make sure you don’t skip the study material tab in the cert section, as most of it’s content is reflected in the exams.
CLN has various tracks for CCNA Collaboration & Video that include links to free relevant material along with self paced training videos and premium subscriptions.
The CCIE Collaboration training includes methodically organized list of study materials with relevant links that you must go through to get points in the exam.
It also offers some high end expert level training that includes online, graded, 8 hours assessment lab a la-carte and bundles that include workbooks, online courses, rack time, pre-assessment and performance assessment labs with detailed answer keys and grading. Basically, much of what you need to pass the CCIE Collaboration exam.

Cisco Press CiscoPress is the official publisher of Cisco books. It offers the official, up to date study guides. These are the most comprehensive guides that cover everything you need to know in order to pass the CCNA and CCNP Collaboration exams (search for “collaboration” in the books section). Most of us have seen or read one or more of these books, as their reputation is indisputable.
CiscoPress is now also offering video courses for the CCNA Collaboration track, definitely worth checking out.


Network is the basis of VOIP, if you are looking for some good sources for your R&S knowledge check these out:

gns3vault-free-large René Molenaar is offering some great packages for the CCNA R&S and CCNP tracks. His books are very practical and reasonably priced.

You can check out some samples of his books:

How to Master Subnetting

How to Master CCNA R&S

How to Master CCNP ROUTE

How to Master CCNP SWITCH

How to Master CCNP TSHOOT

As with the Collaboration track, CiscoPress is offering great books and videos in various certification tracks, that every office should have.

The Cisco Learning Network has tons of sources for R&S whether free or paid, if you want to get certified you should be able to find what you looking for.

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