4 New features for UCCX 11 & a huge one for UCCX 11.5

UCCX 11 has been around for a while now. UCCX 11
And yet, some of us are deliberately
ignoring it,
and for a good reason.

No.1 CAD is out

The first and the most significant and far-reaching one is CAD, being more precise, the lack of CAD.
Yes, we knew about it for a while now, we had our chances and time to migrate but still contact center migration is painful, especially when end users are involved.
Cisco has tried to make this transition smoother and offers some tools that would allow you to migrate a good portion of your customization to Finesse, including:

  • Global & Workflow Group Not Ready Reason Codes
  • Global & Workflow Group Logout Reason Codes
  • Global & Workflow Group Wrapup Codes
  • Global & Workflow Group Phone Book Contacts
  • Global & Workflow Group Phone Books
  • Workflow Group Start Recording Actions
  • Workflow Group HTTP Actions

The migration tools are available here along with detailed instructions.

No.2 Finesse IPPA

The IP Phone Agent is back with some improved functionality which includes

  • Agent functionality via the Phone
  • Agent state – Ready and Not-Ready codes
  • Caller data
  • Supervisor controls (comes with Enh or Pre license)
  • Live data & historical reports from CUIC

These features are currently supported on the 7800 and the 8800 series phones along with the IP Communicator with more models to be supported in the future.

No.3 Discard Email

Another feature that was introduced, allows to discard irrelevant, inappropriate and spam E-mails from the UCCX desktop. (yes, reports will be available to check on your agents actions)

No.4 Post call treatment

A long awaited feature that allows native post call treatment after the agent is out of the picture. To simplify, the call is forwarded to an IVR which, in turn, gathers the needed information (for example: Between 1 to 9, how would you rate the service during this call?).

These are not all of the new available features in UCCX 11.
Although there are some additional improvements in Finesse and CUIC category which you can find here, but unless your customer is after a specific feature, it looks like the pain of CAD to Finesse migration is much greater than the benefits of the new functionality.

As promised there is one more feature left to talk about. This one is planned to come with UCCX 11.5 and in my humble opinion was well worth the wait.

No.5 UCCX 11.5 SSO for CC solutions

Starting from UCCX 11.5, SSO functionality will be supported with Cisco Contact Center solutions.
This feature is much more than a “nice to have” and for some organizations, solves a much greater problem. Consider an organization that uses smart cards (a constant growing market year to year), in which case, the end-user doesn’t even know his password which is usually being auto reset every other day. These cases require you to use local CUCM users, which up until recent versions, couldn’t be combined with AD users. Bottom line, big headache, which is hopefully going to pass with the introduction of this feature. Great job Cisco!


Did I miss something important? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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