CCNA Collaboration

If you are here, you are probably starting your path towards a great career in the Cisco Collaboration field. I am actually very excited for you, and i believe you should be too!

CCNA Collaboration is the base to everything that we do. it’s an entry level certification, but do not fall into the trap of thinking it’s a basic one.
The knowledge that you’ll gain studying towards the certification, will quickly bring you to the place where you know what you’re doing and feel confident about it, and that’s an amazing feeling.
You will no longer be the newbie, green engineer. Along with some hands on experience you will quickly become a pro Collaboration engineer.
The CCNA Collaboration course is structured, hierarchical, knowledge building blocks, that will shape you as a Cisco Collaboration Engineer.

After getting my CCIE number in 2012, i can tell you, the lab exam is not made of solely super advanced Collaboration topics, believe me it is not.
You have to know the basics like the palm of your hand, the knowledge that you’ll gain in the CCNA Collaboration course will go with you all the way to the CCIE lab exam. Be mindful about it, one can’t build a skyscraper without building the foundations first.

You have to listen, read and take notes, create a notebook (i use OneNote) and while studying, write down the juicy facts, the perky numbers, the surprising theories. Keep this notebook updated, when you read, when you learn, when you work. Trust me, you’ll thank me when the CCIE exam will be knocking on your door.
If you take one thing from this website, let the notebook be it, you can drop all the rest.

When i first started my journey in the Networking career path at 2005, i paid about 4k USD for a 4 month, classroom based, evening course.
And even tho’ i enjoyed the course, i honestly believe it is no longer necessary to pay that sum of money, nor should it take 4 month to accomplish.

There are really great alternatives out there to boost your knowledge and get CCNA Collaboration certified.
I’ll go over them and try to provide you with enough information so you can choose the right path for you.

CCNA Collaboration: The Official Cert Guide

CCNA Collaboration 2in1The classic. The official cert guide book for CCNA Collaboration.
It’s 1200 pages include eye-opening content on both the CICD and CIVND exam topics. All wrapped in a Cisco typical, neat, structured and digestible formation.
If you can see yourself sitting in a quiet place with a lamp light on, this is jackpot for you. Personally, this is my weapon of choice, mainly thanks to some exclusive information shared in the official books. Few things beat the feeling of having unique knowledge, even more so when you put it to use.

CCNA Collaboration: LiveLessons

CCNA Collaboration VideoThe Live Lessons CCNA Collaboration is a video combo course which combines both the 210-060 CICD and 210-065 CIVND material. Kevin is a world class instructor who always delivers and while 1200 pages books are not for everyone, this video course is very much user friendly, even for the restless’. Video courses always felt more personal to me, i believe mostly because Kevin shares some knowledge that can only be achieved by experience. Highly recommended.

CCNA Collaboration: ICOMM Video course

CCNA Voice VideoFooled you!
This is actually a CCNA Voice video course.
why is it here then you ask?
good question, three reasons:

  1. It covers pretty much the same topics as the new CICD exam minus the video devices.
  2. It’s packed with knowledge (more then 24 hours of it), beautifully structured and very well explained.
  3. it’s very cheap.

So if you’re just looking for a great, cheap source of knowledge or making your first steps with Cisco Collaboration and not yet ready to make a bigger investment, this video course is for you!

Overall, i really think that these are very small investments for a potentially enormous career opportunity.

Best of luck in your Cisco Collaboration career path! Pasha. CCIE#36452