About UCPros

Do you sometimes struggle to make UC solutions work?

You are not alone.
Configuring and troubleshooting UC integrations is a tricky business.
Our business.

But going over traditional cert books and official documentations just don’t teach you how to deal with real-world scenarios.
This is something only experience can teach us.

And that’s exactly what UCPros aims to do.

UCPros offers courses, free knowledge and tools to support
both beginners and experienced UC engineers, to learn how to:
– Create clean, prefessional configuration that keep you asleep during the night.
– Use and acquire the fine skill of UC troubleshooting.
– Generate value for your customers and advance your UC career.

About Pasha

My name is Pasha, I’m the founder of the UCPros community.
I’ve never imagined I’d be an Independent Consultant,
and honestly, it was an intense journey getting here,
passing through hardships, quitting my UC career, but eventually becoming a highly sought-after CCIE.

This journey changed me. It smashed my limiting beliefs about employment options, salary and work-life balance.
It taught me how valuable specialized knowledge and skills are,
and it taught me how important it is to treat oneself as a business and invest back  in yourself.

Now, I’d like to help others find their career path, acquire vital specialized knowledge and advance in their careers.
I help you chop daunting integrations into concise configs.
I teach you SIP, I help you with CUBE integrations
and I work to provide you with mindset ideas to create progress in your career.

Drop me an Email at [email protected]