Cisco Meeting Server training requirements

Cisco Meeting Server trainingSince Cisco has bought Acano in late 2015 and turned it into their leading product for video conferencing, a lot of questions has been raised on both commercial and technical fronts.

One of the most concerning issues was who and how could sell Cisco Meeting Server.

The answer is, you can’t, at least not until you complete all of the Cisco Meeting Server training that Cisco had standardized.

The reason for the CMS training requirements, like in most Cisco’s advance partner specializations, is to make sure that the product will be deployed according to best practice.
In other words, they just don’t want us to fuck up the implementation and get the customer frustrated just because it’s our first time doing that. Kinda makes sense for advanced technologies..

The initial CMS training requirements were harsh and included numerous engineers and sales personnel to complete various paid courses in a classroom and via limited virtual instructors. These terms made it very difficult for the partners to comply, especially if they wanted it to do it quickly..

“And the cries of the meek crowd echoed through the halls of gods’ website, and the gods would hear their pleads and take away the yoke of oppression and ease their demands on the people!”

Pasha Teplitsky

Updated Cisco Meeting Server training requirements

Effective November 1st 2016, these are the Cisco Meeting Server training requirements for the partners to be able to sell CMS:
Cisco Meeting Server – Advanced (Collab350)
One individual to complete (paid) training.
Cisco Meeting App – Foundation (Collab150)
One individual to coplete training that is now available free of change through VOD
Cisco Meeting Server – Sales Essentials (Collab100)
One individual to coplete training that is now available free of change through VOD
Cisco Meeting Server – Intermediate (Collab250) Recommended – not required

For those who haven’t seen the previous CMS training requirements, i can tell you that this is a great improvement in terms of budget, accessibility and human resources! But wait, we are not done yet..

One more requirement that the partner has to fulfill is the Demo Requirement.
Simply put, the partner has to install a Cisco Meeting Server in his lab.
You can install on you own hardware or get the CMS 100 Server via NFR
three options here:
1. Shared Multi-Party License Plus (SMP+) – minimum 2 licenses, also available via NFR
2. CUWP (Cisco Unified Workspace for Partners)
3. DLT (Demo Lab Training Bundle) – Single SMP with 4 user/call limit.

If you need more information go to the Cisco Meeting Server Community site, everything you need is right there.

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